Living Openly: A Pride Anthology Series


Living Openly is a collection of short stories focused on the lives of different queer people in scenarios we have lived and even experience everyday.


Missed Connections: A Short Story by Joey Buckingham

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Have you ever just walked past someone and fell in love instantly but didn’t have the courage to say “Hello?” Missed Connections is exactly this. The protagonist of this one-shot is out and looking to meet someone new but doesn’t necessarily have the courage to talk to anyone, until they see the stranger on the train…

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DATr: A Short Story by Joey Buckingham

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It’s a late night and you are home alone and bored… ‘DATr’ is the new app that connects you with your local singles. From 500 ft away to inside your living room in just a few messages. Our protagonist is looking for love or the next best thing. In this short story, we ask the question “U up?”

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About the Illustrator

Luiz Gustavo is a comic book artists based out of Brazil