Brotherhood: An Original Story by Joey Buckingham

The story follows three boys whose fates converge while attending an all-boys boarding school in Northern Connecticut. All three come to the school with their own baggage — one is an orphan, one comes from a broken home, and one faces familial alienation due to his sexuality. The three develop a strong bond but are forced apart through an unexpected turn of events. In the journey of the characters, readers are confronted with the harsh realities of sexuality, racism, and mental health.



During the Late-80s, the boys are all sent to the fictional Geldcrest Academy. Geldcrest is an old English-style boarding for boys, located in Northern Connecticut. The school itself is surround by miles of forest and our story picks up in the early days of fall, the leaves are changing and so will the journeys of our main characters.

00JP characters Caleb 3.jpg


This is the central protagonist of the story. Caleb is an only child of his family. Misunderstood his entire childhood, the introverted boy is sent against his will and understanding to the boarding school. His father pushes him away because he believes him to be gay.

00JP characters Gavin 3.jpg


This is the second protagonist of the story. Gavin is the sole survivor of a accident leaving him an orphan. Left under the spiteful care of less than close relatives, Jacob is sent to the boarding school as a punishment to atone for his parents misdoings.



This the third protagonist of the story. Jacob is the eldest child of two. Son to an abusive father. Jacob is the strength in his home and helps keep it in order while his father is not around. This mostly to protect and raise his younger brother. Jacob is removed from his father’s “care” to live in this boarding school until he is of age.

About The Artist

Nenad Cviticanin (Surfacing, Fringe Science & Greif)

Nenad is a published comic book artist based out of Belgrade. He’s been active for over ten years as a comic book artist. The depth and realism that Nenad brings into his work was a natural fit for this grounded story. His rich colors and attention to detail paint this journey in a magnificent tone.

About The Letterer

Toben Racicot

Toben is a published comic book letterer and designer based out of Southwestern Ontario.